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On Lyrium Dragon Age: The World of Thedas (p93-94)

In its raw form, lyrium emits a strangely soothing sound some call the voice of the Maker. The Chantry claims the mineral is a remnant from the birth of the world, when the Maker created the land and the skies.They believe lyrium is not so much the essence of magic as the essence of all creation.

A more potent form of lyrium, red in color, was recently discovered in the Deep Roads. Its strength is such that possessors may be imbued with magiclike power, regardless of whether or not they are a mage. Contact comes at a cost, however, as the greater power presents greater dangers. Red lyrium’s potency is such that it corrupts all minds eventually, even normally resistant dwarves.

Red lyrium was first found during an expedition into a long uninhabited thaig in 9:31 Dragon. The infamous Champion of Kirkwall, known as Hawke, led the expedition into the Deep Roads near Kirkwall, and discovered giant veins of the mineral pushing through cavern walls from some unknown source.

Does it mean something that red lyrium comes from “some unknown source”? And, who is that in that red-lyrium-filled cave? Are the templars finally investigating what happened to Meredith? Questions upon questions upon questions…

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